Privacy Policy

Your privacy is an utmost goal of this website.


This site does not use any third parties or any self-hosted analytics tools to track any data or metrics about visits or visitors on any pages.


Cookies and local browser storage for the subdomain are used by the self-hosted Remark42 comment system embedded in the weblog, but these are not used for tracking purposes, they are purely functional. Third party authentication for comment posting and editing is enabled via Google and GitHub OAuth 2.0, but psuedo-anonymous comments are also allowed without logging in.


Default nginx logging is enabled. This means that requests are logged, including originating IP address, time, and resource requested. This data is used only for debugging purposes, and is regularly rolled over and old logs deleted. This data is never shared with anyone.

Weblog comment actions such as comment posting and deletion are logged to disk, but the logs are regularly rolled over. Notification of new comments is transmitted to the site owner via email.