Where Did The Name Loomcom Come From?

Published Monday, November 28 2022

Almost every time that I give out my email address and I have to spell loomcom.com, I get a funny look or a little chuckle, like “Wait, seriously? Two coms?” And yeah, to modern ears it sounds pretty funny. Saying it out loud is clunky. Explaining that it’s short for “Loom Communications” helps, but it just adds further clunkiness to the exchange.

So, why the heck is it loomcom.com, anyway? Basically, historical reasons.

Way back a long time ago when I first wanted my own domain name for Loom Communications, there was a popular and well known Internet host called Netcom. Their domain name was netcom.com, and I thought they were just the coolest thing ever. Naturally I wanted to be just like them, so I settled on loomcom.com. And now I’m stuck with it.

As an aside, one of my bigger regrets in life is that I was approached by a friend in 1997 who happened to own loom.com. He offered to give it to me, but I said no, it was too much bother, I was already well established as loomcom.com. That was the wrong answer!