Repainting Delayed a Few Days

Published Thursday, June 7 2012

I had hoped to get the BA11-B and H750 chassis in for sandblasting and repainting today, but the painter I called turned down the job. He is not used to dealing with sheet metal. I appreciate him turning it down rather than trying to do it and not doing a good job.

But that led to an interesting phone call. I called up a powder coat company located in South San Francisco and asked if they could do sheet steel. Unfortunately the owner, Warren, is out for the next few days, but the receptionist asked me for my information so he could give me a call back.

She asked what I wanted worked on. “Oh, it’s an old computer chassis,” I said. She asked what kind specifically, and when I said “a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11,” she started laughing. “Oh! That’s great, Warren used to work for a company that maintained and repaired those! He’ll get a real kick out of this, I can’t wait to tell him!”

So, I think I may have found the right guy for the job!