More on Emacs Blogging

Published Friday, August 10 2018

Note: This blog post is no longer accurate, a lot has changed since it was published. It is left here for historical reasons.

After much hacking on elisp, I’m happy to announce two changes: First, I’ve finally implemented pagination on my blog, so the entire nine years of archives isn’t rendered in one huge page. And second, there’s now an RSS feed available at Woohoo!

Getting both of these features implemented was a bit of a challenge. The built-in Org-Mode publishing feature provided by ox-publish.el is very much geared toward publishing a single page. Really, it’s supposed to be for publishing a site map of your website layout. Using it to publish a blog is actually kind of a kludge and an abuse of the feature, to be frank. But here we are, that’s how most Org-Mode bloggers publish their blogs.

If you want to check out the Emacs setup for this site and blog, you can look here on my Github. It’s a fairly complicated bit of hacking designed to work around the single-page limitation. I’ve also altered the default RSS backend, supplied by ox-rss.el, to filter out some unwanted noise from my RSS feed.

The only thing I can’t yet figure out is how to force Org Publish to always generate absolute URLs. I actually don’t think it’s possible, yet.