It's Been A Minute

Published Saturday, November 21 2020

Was my last blog entry really in March? Apparently, yes, it was.

Forgive me. 2020 has been a strange year. I’m sure you’ll agree.

I have been lucky enough to retain a job during the global pandemic, and moreover, the job has been busy as hell. In truth, I haven’t been able to work on personal projects nearly as often as I wish I had been able to. What’s worse, while some people found themselves with lots of extra time after losing a harsh commute, I was already used to working from home. I’ve been full-time remote since the end of 2014, so working from home is nothing new to me. I already didn’t have a commute! I did not suddenly get any new hours in my day.

I do still have some software projects on the back burner right now. Among them:

And, unrelated to computers, I recently bought a violin with the intention of learning to play old-time fiddle. It’s fun, but practicing is quite a chore, especially when the sounds you’re making are so very terrible.