Do I Want To Do This Anymore?

Published Thursday, December 29 2022

The question in the title refers to my blog, or I suppose more generally to my entire website. I’ve been publishing all of with Emacs for several years now and while I find it to be mostly acceptable, I’m by no means in love with it. There are a few major disadvantages:

The other side of this is that moving the site off of Emacs and onto some other publishing platform would be a hell of a lot of work, with some back ends more work than others. No matter what back end I chose, I’d have to import all the existing content into some new structure, and then update the server to issue some 301 Redirects from the old structure to the new structure. What a pain! But, still, it might be worth it, just for future maintainability if for nothing else.

I’ll have to give this some extended thought before I decide what to do. In the meantime, here’s at least one more blog entry in Emacs!